Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Things I Love

Back in November, I posted about my favorite coffee cup and invited readers to post about their beloved products. Then, a few months back, Better Homes and Gardens ran a feature in their Innovations issue wherein they asked people who were famous "innovators" (i.e. the founder of Pinterest, the founder of Spoonflower -- my new favorite website) to write about the things they love. I loved the article, particularly in that it was as high tech as it was low tech (one person included twine in her list). Since reading that article (which, sadly, I can't find anywhere online), I've been thinking about my list. While I am not a famous innovator (or a famous anything, really), I thought it would be fun to make a list of my favorites. Nothing fancy here, just a handful of products that make life a little easier/more fun/prettier/etc.

Camera Strap

I love my camera strap. And I love that my husband found it because I told him I wanted a funky camera strap for my birthday and he googled "funky camera strap" and found a company called My Funky Camera.  Not only is it super cool looking, but it helps me keep track of my own camera in a room full of Canons.

I love this 4 in 1 glass party dish from Macy's. It's a punch bowl, it's a covered cake dish, it's a divided appetizer tray, and it's an elevated dessert plate. Really, anything with four purposes gets rave reviews in my little house.

After years of failed attempts to keep a regular journal as an adult. I picked up this gem. I love it - there is only room for a sentence or two every day, so I actually take a minute or two to fill it out.

Magic Bullet

I admit it: I was totally taken by the infomercial for this "ultimate party machine" about ten years ago. I still use it at least five times a week.

Shoulder Wallet

Having your wallet on a string is super useful for when you just need to run in to the store, or when you don't want to carry a big ol' purse around the farmer's market. This isn't exactly what I have, but it might be the next one I buy...


My keys have been on a clip keychain since my coffeeshop management days. I can't imagine them any other way. The keys can also clip onto the cord of my wallet (see above) for quick trips.

Janome Sewing Machine

It would be unfair not to include my beloved sewing machine. I hope that all of you out there who sew have a similar love for the machine you use.

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