Friday, October 21, 2011

Spice Girl

     "Are the spice bottles in your kitchen out of control? Do you end up      searching in every cabinet and going through bottle after bottle just to      find the one you want?" - from The Swivel Store website

It has long been on my agenda to reorganize my spices. I have not one, not two, not even three, but four different containers for bottles of spices, which makes it really tough to find the bottle I need when I need it. It also means that I often end up buying spices because I can't find the one I want only to discover it later. Which is why, for example, I have three bottles of nutmeg. Spices are not cheap, nor do they stay fresh forever, so it was time to get organized. Additionally, I wanted to take some time to reevaluate which spices I use most often. I frequently find myself reaching for paprika, but it doesn't have a space on my spice carousel. It was time to clean and relabel those easiest to reach bottles with my most frequently used spices.

I decided to move forward with the project when I saw the Swivel Store prominently displayed at the local Walgreens. It's in the line of "As Seen on TV" products (the last of which I purchased was The Magic Bullet a.k.a "The Ultimate Party Machine!") which I typically find a bit off-putting. I mean, with all that hype, is the product really worth it? I decided to give it a go and spent the $20 for my very own Swivel Store.

With my fancy new chunk of plastic in hand, I then proceeded to empty my cupboards of every spice I could find and bring them to the dining room for sorting and organizing.

I won't bore you with all the details of the process.  Let's just say that when I got started, I had 73 bottles of spices in 4 different places. Now I have a freshly sanitized and newly relabeled countertop spice carousel that holds my 16 most frequently used spices, a fancy Swivel Store that holds my 20 second tier spices, and a small basket of refills and very rarely used spice blends that fits neatly on a top shelf.

Of note, I chose to work on this while Finn was at preschool.  Emmett hung out with me and shook the various bottles and jars. His favorite: boring, white Cream of Tartar. Go figure.

As for the Swivel Store, I don't think it is the greatest organizational tool ever to hit the market. It's cheaply made and does not include any type of adhesive to attach it to your cabinet (I used some 3M strips that I had laying around to do so), so it shifts a bit when you pull out the sides.  It does, however, hold a lot of spices in a very small amount of space. More importantly, it was there when I needed a good reminder to move forward on this project. And's done! Time to get back to cooking. I'm feeling like something spicy tonight...

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