Monday, June 25, 2012

Road Trip Review

We've now been in Montana for more days than it took us to get to Montana. We drove twenty-six hours over three days, put 1500+ miles on the minivan, and arrived none the worse for wear - it was a remarkably pleasant road trip, punctuated by hotels with swimming pools, many impromptu frisbee stops, and lots of stories and songs. The road trip bags came in very handy and, save the occasional colored pencil spillage, the kiddos were pretty independent exploring them.

Other road trip highlights included:

The obligatory stop at Wall Drug (and chance to run around in the sprinklers out back,
 as evidenced by my very wet child)
Picnicking on my college campus - my freshman year dorm is right behind us
Stopping for ice cream in Livingston, MT - it tastes better with a view like that
Swirly whirly hot tubs.

I could insert a half dozen adages here about getting there being half the journey and all that, and while I will spare you the canned sayings, I gotta say it's true. I'll be back soon with a few posts from Montana...when I'm not fishin' or hikin' or explorin' or campin' or doing all the things we love about this great state. Stay tuned!

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